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Shoulder Mounts

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Life-Size Mounts


Buffalo/Sheep Reproductions

Hunters often ask us to do a shoulder mount on their buffalo or sheep and reproduction horns for the skull (european). The horn casts are an exact replica of the horns. The shoulder mount looks great in the trophy room and the european looks great in the office or another room in the house.


Antler Repair:  We can repair or replace missing/broken points that look completely natural and seamless. We begin by making a rubber mold of the opposing antler. This creates a natural looking (mirror image) replacement (tip, point, or even a broken main beam) with the exact size, shape and texture. The resin reproduction is then colored using a variety of stains to produce the finished product. When the customer picks up his mount they often ask us which points were replaced.  If your dad or hunting partner wants to remember your once-in-a-lifetime experience (with something on the wall), we can make a set of reproduction horns or antlers and mount him/her an identical trophy for their trophy room.  And, in the event of an unfortunate fire or theft, you would always have a replica of your trophy.

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